Bio Art "If we all looked up at the stars, we would realize that we are in this together. That is true spirituality; which will never be found in any religious, educational, or public institution." - Spacey



Born in Saudi to avert the Civil War in Beirut, the artist grew up and lived in Southern California, Beirut, Dubai, and Houston.

Being a world traveler and holding an appreciation for various cultures ranging from East Asia to Scandinavia, France,

Scotland, and the US, the artist developed and refined an appreciation towards individualism, a phenomena she first discovered

in Tokyo. The artist shares and acknowledges a stressed appreciation and encouragement for the philosophy of¬† free thought  breeding enlightenment. The acceptance of imperfection being the main theme to free thought.


Imperfection, as is unfortunately labeled by society throughout history, is the result of the socially tabooed

aversion to the infinite amount of possibilities the universe and our world is based on.


An individual, who can operate  independently of the social norm is the most beautiful aspect;

like a rainbow, they paint the social colors.



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